The Sicilian Defense

Learn basic plans and ideas in the Sicilian Defense.

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Beginner Level
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About the course

The Sicilian Defense is recognized as the most aggressive and best-scoring response of black to white’s first move 1.e4. It is a very complex and sharp opening with many distinct variations, each of which leads to different types of positions. It is definitely one worth to know a little bit about it from both, the white and the black side. In this course on the Sicilian Defense, we will cover the major Sicilian’s because the Sicilian Defense isn’t just one opening, it is more like a group of openings. Knowing the basics of each of the different variations will help you to understand which of them is the right choice for you.

Course structure

Lesson 1 Introduction - Plans and Ideas
  • Plans and Ideas with 2...d6
  • Plans and Ideas 2...Nc6
  • Plans and Ideas with 2...e6
  • 0 Exercises
  • PGN Files and Summary
Lesson 2 The Najdorf Variation
  • The Najdorf Defense
  • 0 Exercises
  • PGN Files and Summary
Lesson 3 The Yugoslav Attack
  • The Yugoslav Attack
  • 0 Exercises
  • PGN Files and Summary
  • IM Alex Astaneh

IM Alex Astaneh

Alex Astaneh is an Irish chess player and gained the International Master title in 2011. He is a three-time Irish Champion and joined the Irish Olympiad Team for three times. He has also many years of teaching experience and offers individual training or seminars for big chess clubs. Besides regular coaching, Alex is also active on social media and provides instructive and entertaining video streaming and publishes chess videos on his channels.

ELO (Peak: 2438)
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What you’ll learn:

  • Plans and ideas with 2...d6.
  • Plans and ideas with 2...Nc6.
  • Plans and ideas with 2...e6.
  • Basics of the Najdorf variation.
  • The Sicilian Dragon - Yugoslav Attack.

Target Audience

Beginner (ELO 1000-1200)

0 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800+

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