Improving continuously your chess skills is a big challenge due to the vast amount of unstructured learning material available.
We therefore established CHESSFACTOR to provide a structured learning platform with content created by international chess masters and their teaching experiences.
Individual paths allow to start from any level and help you to improve your chess skills efficiently in order to reach your full potential.
Many have become chess masters; no one has become the master of chess.
Siegbert Tarrasch
Our Team
Christian Mathews
Christian started playing chess at the age of 13 and currently has an ELO rating of 2196.
Ralf Blust
Chess has been a passion for Ralf since 2002. For years he has a national rating of more than 1700.
Torsten Sonner
Torsten started playing chess a few years ago following the slogan
„chess opens new paths in life“.
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